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urmila kothare: I’m singing your own song: Urmila Kothare’s No Makeup Look discussion, Promo? – urmila kothare tujhech mi geet gaat aahe upcoming tv show no makeup look on star pravah MIGMG News


Mumbai: Actress Urmila Kothare has entertained the audience by acting in Marathi movies and serials. Now, after a long hiatus of 12 years, Urmila is making a comeback on the small screen. Urmila will be seen in a different guise in the series ‘Tujhech Me Geet Gaat Aahe’ which is being aired on Star Pravah. So far, the audience has seen Urmila in a glamorous way. But in this series, Urmila’s no-makeup guess will be seen.

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In the series ‘Tujhech Me Geet Gaat Aahe’, Urmila portrays a mother who struggles for her daughter’s future in adverse circumstances. The financial situation of this mother is very poor. She is raising the girl by working hard. Therefore, Urmila has a look that suits this character. Urmila is wearing a very simple sari to play this role. Not only that, she has not done any make-up to make the role feel realistic. The atmosphere in this series is shown in Nagpur area. Therefore, the shooting of the series is also taking place in the scorching sun. The producers have not yet revealed anything about Urmila’s role in the series. But the hard work that Urmila is putting in to play this role in this new series is definitely admirable.

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The series ‘Tujhech Me Geet Gaat Aahe’ will be aired on Star Pravah from 9 pm onwards. The curiosity of the viewers has increased after watching the promo of this series. Urmila Kanetkar Kothare is a good Kathak dancer with acting. She reached home through the impossible series on Zee Marathi.



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