US dollar bulldozes Rs187 mark also MIGMG News



The pounding of Pakistani rupee at the hands of the US dollar went on as the greenback muscled past another historic barrier during the intrabank trading on Thursday, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

As the business opened on Thursday, the US dollar soared past historic Rs187 barrier in a flash and scored a huge gain of one rupee and 12 paisas in early hours.

The US dollar which ended Wednesday at Rs186.13 shot up to Rs187.24 in quick time on Thursday.

Economists were of the view that the rates of imported items will also rise due to the expensive dollar as its value rose nearly 10 rupees in one month and seven days.

With its rollercoaster ride, the US dollar rate has reached the historic high against the rupee. The greenback is constantly making big strides against the hopeless rupee which has been greatly pummeled after weathering the political uncertainties at home.

The current political turmoil is seriously impacting the country’s financial markets. The country’s trade deficit is also growing with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) predicting a further dent in the economic growth target.

According to data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Monday, trade deficit has grown by 70 percent year-on-year to $ 35.4 billion during the nine months through March as imports bill remained near $ 60 billion.

The rupee is under extreme pressure by widening trade deficit and import bill. The rising oil prices in global market are also putting pressure on the Pakistani rupee.

The economic experts are of the view that Pakistani currency could only resuscitate if volume of our remittances and exports is increased.

Reporter Ashraf Khan



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