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Vasant More MNS: Will he stay in MNS or will he resign? Vasant More emotional while remembering Raj Thackeray while answering – vasant more news emotional on raj thackeray MIGMG News


Pune: After Raj Thackeray removed Vasant More from the post of Pune city president, now there is a stir in the political circles. After the removal of Vasant More, offers are being made to him from all political parties. Vasant More was also offered by NCP and Shiv Sena. When asked about this, Vasant More became emotional.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray himself called and asked Vasant More to join the party. Will you let go of all this? While asking such a question, More became emotional while talking to the media. He said, ‘I am in MNS and will remain in MNS. I am a Raj supporter. Works for the party. I have never left the party ‘, asserted Vasant More.

Big news: Offer from Uddhav Thackeray directly to Vasant More after his expulsion from MNS
His eyes were watering as he spoke. Meanwhile, ‘I worked for the party for many years. I am a Raj supporter. Raj Saheb is the future of the party. There is no such thing as a leader like us. After so many years of relationship, Saheb has never left. ‘ Not only that, this time he also showed the batch given by Raj Thackeray while speaking.

He further said, ‘This batch has been given to me by Raj Saheb. I still have it today. I have been with the party for many years. When I didn’t even know the party flag, I sewed three cloth flags in the house. I will never leave MNS ‘, said Vasant More, expressing his feelings.

Vasant More: I sent a message to Raj Thackeray yesterday, no reply yet; The next decision after meeting them: Vasant More
In the meantime, will these sentiments reach Raj Thackeray now? Will he reply to Vasant More’s message? This is also important to look at. In fact, Vasant More, speaking on this occasion, said, “In any case, if they want to talk, they first text the gentleman and then talk to him. At this time, he has sent a message to Saheb. But the answer has not come yet. ‘ So what will Raj Thackeray decide about this? Will he answer Vasant More? This will be the focus of everyone’s attention now.

‘Raj Thackeray has not yet replied to the message’

In fact, Vasant More is known as the dashing leader in Pune. Vasant More has clarified his role against the backdrop of all these developments. I have received offers from many parties. However, I will not take any further decision without meeting Raj Thackeray. I had sent a message to Raj Thackeray on my mobile phone on Thursday night. In it, I had asked Raj Thackeray for an appointment. But that message has not been answered yet. To this day, there has never been a reply to my message. Maybe the princes are a little angry with me. However, I will meet Rajsaheb and present my role before him. “I want to tell them what I said about the noises in the mosques,” said Vasant More.

‘Vikrant Andolan started with Balasaheb’s blessings, my fundraising was purely’ symbolic ‘


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