Viral video: He was beaten for kissing his wife while bathing in the Sarayo River in Ayodhya. MIGMG News



A horrific incident spread on social media. A couple was abused and beaten by an angry mob for kissing them while bathing in the Sarayo River in Ayodhya.

In the video, the man is dragged away from his wife and beaten by several men in the vicinity. A man was heard saying: “Such vulgarity will not be tolerated in Ayodhya.”

The wife tries to protect her husband but fails to do so. Eventually the couple were kicked out of the water by a mob.

Since the video went viral, the Ayodhya police took note of the issue and tweeted to the same. The police advised the officials to investigate and take the necessary legal measures in this regard.

“The Inspector-in-Chief at Kotwali Ayodhya Police Station has been directed to investigate and take necessary legal action,” the Ayodhya Police said in a tweet.


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