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When Dinesh Karthik thinks a lot, he makes mistakes MIGMG News


Dinesh Karthik is out after scoring 66 masters against the Delhi Capitals.

Dinesh Karthik scored 11 of his 11 balls as he failed to cross the goal line.

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India’s former Pacer RP Singh and Dinesh Karthik make a comeback. They both played together for less than 19 days, and on Friday, Singh mentioned one particular thing that can’t be overlooked by “DK” fans. We have to mention here that Karthik is going through the purple patch as he scored 285 hits with a hit rate close to 200. He’s played some great kicks this season to help RCB finish at the highest level. His quick cameo against SRH where he shot 30 off 8 balls. He was also at his best against DC as he scored 66 points which proved to be the difference in the end. However, he failed to surpass his side against the kings of Punjab. He managed to score 11 out of 11 balls. It was as if he was thinking too much.

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This is what Singh revealed. He said that Karthik usually fails to deliver when he thinks too much. Although he said it before the game started. “Dinesh Karthik was my teammate at the U19 World Cup. He used to run out after that too, no change in that! (chuckles) The more he thinks, the more he makes mistakes. That’s his personality type. Give him less time to think, he’ll make mistakes.” Really good job. When he knows he has to play 10 of the 20 deliveries left, he puts in his best performance.”

“You know how cocky guys do it? He thinks he has to do it and he’ll hit whenever the ball is on his radar. You’ll know that from his body language. He’s the best player for that number of deliveries left. And if you compare him to Liam Livingston, I think he has the upper hand because he’s played so much.” of hits and won his team’s matches,” he told “Cricbuzz” when DK was compared to Liam Livingston.

Livingston outpaced Karthik as he crushed 70 to help the Punjab Kings hit a massive 209 target. In the end, they won a lot and stayed in contention for the IPL 2022 qualifiers.

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