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When people start giving the status of God to the judge MIGMG News

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A woman said: You are God, let me touch your feet
street reporter
Kolkata: The hearing of the case took place before the bench of the High Court Abhijit Gangopadhyay on Friday. Suddenly his eyes fell on a woman standing to one side with her arms crossed. He asked, what is that, why are you standing, come forward. After walking forward, the woman said, “You are God to me and I want to touch your feet.
Justice Gangopadhyay said, no, it is not. Tell me what’s the matter. A woman named Mithali Das from Birbhum said because of your kindness my child’s treatment has started. Mithali dared to come before Justice Gangopadhyay’s court about a month ago. Like Friday, that day she stood with her mother folded in her arms in very simple clothes. In response to Justice Gangopadhyay’s question, she stated that a divorce case was pending with her husband. He does not get the fixed ten thousand rupees for maintenance. The hearing is not held in the lower court. Justice Gangopadhyay summoned the District Magistrate of Birbhum from the court itself and asked to hear the matter. Mithali said that her husband had filed 18 cases against her. Justice Gangopadhyay ordered the High Court’s legal cell to monitor the cases. It also had its own effect. On Friday, Mithali returned to Justice Gangopadhyay’s court with her mother. On questioning, he said that the amount received for maintenance was reduced from ten thousand to eight thousand rupees. Because of this, it becomes difficult to treat her disabled child. Justice Gangopadhyay said give us all the documents and he will look into the matter. It is worth mentioning here that this often happens in his backyard. Suffering women and men come with tears in their eyes and go back smiling. There is another unusual aspect to this. They do not have the courage to come to court and say their case. He stands quietly with his arms folded, Justice Gangopadhyay’s gaze resting on him despite the court being packed with people.


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