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Who is the one who ate more than 56 razor blades? What was the reason? MIGMG News

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Migmg news

(Web Desk) A depressed Indian man ate more than 56 razor blades.

According to Indian media, 26-year-old Jashpal Singh from Rajasthan, who is an accountant by profession, swallowed 56 razor blades one by one. This incident came to light in Jalur district when Yashpal bled due to stomach pain. , after vomiting blood, Yashpal’s roommate immediately took him to the hospital where x-rays showed blades inside his body, but the doctors performed an endoscopy and decided to perform surgery immediately. According to the doctors, the man had severe cuts on his neck and swelling all over his body , while there were cuts in many places in the body, however, a team of 7 doctors performed an operation and in 3 hours removed all the blades from the stomach.

Doctors say that the man broke the razors in half and ate them one by one, including the plastic. It is possible that the teenager was under anxiety or stress, which is why he ate 3 whole packs of blades. After the successful operation and removal of the razor from his body, the patient it is now in good condition.


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