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Why Akshay Kumar’s 5 consecutive films failed at the box office? MIGMG News

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“Selfie” also failed. This is Akshay Kumar’s fifth consecutive flop after ‘Suriya Vansham’. Bachchan Pandey, Raksha Bandhan, Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan and Ram Satyava all failed together. After Corona came out ‘Suriya Vansham’ which was a super hit but then Akshay Kumar’s bad period started. After last year’s films, this year’s first release “Selfie” has also failed. Why is all this happening with Akshay Kumar? Is his star fading?

He was a bollywood superstar till two years ago before Corona and was giving successful movies for 5 years. Every year his 3 to 4 movies released and got success but in 2019 he became number one star of bollywood but then came Corona. Chinas around the world, including India, were closed. After almost a year when the theaters opened, his film “Bell Bottom” was released. At that time the cinemas in the center of Bollywood ie. Mumbai was closed and cinemas in some states opened with 50% audience, but still Bell Bottom did good business. Then Surya Vansham hit the theaters with 50% audience in the entire Hindi track and was a superhit, but then all his five films mentioned above flopped and that too in just one year. For a short period of two months.

Akshay Kumar makes two fundamental mistakes. For one, he releases four films every year and completes one film in two months. Releasing four films in a year reduces the appeal of the public to watch them. Meanwhile, three films were also released on OTT platforms, including Uttarangi Re, Lakshmi Bomb and Katha Patli. Now people think that every movie will be watched at home on OTT platforms before or after its release, then why the need to go to theaters and buy tickets? We’ll see when it comes to OTT.

Then appearing repeatedly on The Kapil Sharma Show on TV, doing commercials; Akshay Kumar exposed himself a lot. They don’t give time to the film, they just rush to finish it. It’s not the 70s, 80s or 90s anymore. Now the superstar has to do only one or two films a year. Another fundamental mistake is the unnecessary inclusion of songs by Punjabi pop singers in every film that have nothing to do with the story of the film. However, this was not the tradition of Hindi-Urdu films. A Punjabi song has never been included in a Hindi film.

Urdu language poets have a great hand in the melodious songs of Hindi films. Even today in Bollywood, in the presence of lyricists like Irshad Kamil, Amitabh Bhatta Charpa, Manoj Nishar, it was a mistake to put Punjabi songs and Akshay Kumar is now suffering the consequences. Hindi films are watched by people who do not know Punjabi in greater numbers than those who understand Punjabi.

Akshay Kumar is a very good actor. He has a very impressive personality and has been a consistent star since 1992. They should think about all this with a cold heart and reorganize their film career. I’m sure if they fix these basic mistakes, they can make a big comeback.

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