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Why are the slogans of ‘Go Niazi Go’ sounding in Pakistan, where did this Niazi come from? MIGMG News

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The lieutenant general who commanded East Pakistan during the 1971 war was named General Amir Khan Niazi.

File image IANS
File image IANS

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One of the most common slogans in Pakistan today is ‘Go Niazi Go’. The question is, why this slogan? The fact is that this slogan seems to be against Imran Khan because most people call Imran Khan by the name of Niazi.

In the Supreme Court of Pakistan, slogans are being raised against the defeat of Imran Khan’s government and against Niazi. Not only this, even after the no-confidence motion in the Pakistani parliament, the opposition chanted slogans of ‘Go Imran Khan Go’ instead of ‘Go Niazi Go’. What is the matter with Niazi? Why is Imran called Niazi? There is an interesting story behind it.

Although Imran Khan writes only Imran Khan with his name. But opposition leaders in Pakistan associate Niazi with Imran’s name to harass him. Imran’s opponents in Pakistan call him Niazi. In fact, the issue is linked to the 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence. The lieutenant general who commanded East Pakistan during the 1971 war was named General Amir Abdul Khan Niazi.

People in Pakistan find General Niazi’s surrender to the Indian Army extremely insulting. Since then Niazi nickname has been used as an insult in Pakistan. Niazi is considered a symbol of cowardice and weak leadership.

The effect of this is that even Imran Khan does not use Niazi in his nickname but once fed up with the taunts of Niazi of the opposition, Imran Khan once expressed his anger in Parliament by saying that his name is Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi. Imran said that the opposition got another justification to harass him.

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