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“Why me, I was the star for the month,” asks the fired Google India employee MIGMG News

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Four hundred and seventeen technology firms globally laid off over 1.2 million employees in the last two months.

Being denied access to their work for no reason has left them numb. Like other technicians, this year was perhaps the worst year for Harsh Vijayvargiya.

He was recently fired from Google India. He took to LinkedIn and wrote: “Saturday morning I skipped a heartbeat when I got a pop-up email notification on my phone saying the email was from the Google Operations Center. I was hit by a layoff – a reduction in the workforce at Google’s operations center. One of the most valuable valued companies. I was a proud #Googler and always will be…I had the first question why even though I was a star performer for a month, still why me? And I see that there is no answer at all!’

Sharing how the layoff affected him, he wrote: “My salary is half in two months! My financial plans are completely ruined! This happened on Saturday and it took me two days to get the strength to write this down and now I have to fight for survival.”

He said: “If my connections can respond to this, it will help me land a better opportunity. May all people who are fighting the battle of letting go find a way to fight the inner battle and the battle of survival.”

In comparison, 1,046 tech companies — from Big Tech to startups — laid off more than 1.61 lakh employees in 2022, according to data from layoffs tracking site Layoffs.fyi.

In January alone, nearly 1,000 tech workers lost their jobs globally, dominated by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others.

In total, nearly 3 million tech workers are now out of a job in 2022 and through February of this year.

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