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Yogi Government 2.O | 1753 schools of UP will benefit from PM Shri scheme, students studying here will get modern facilities MIGMG News

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Scheme of Prime Minister Shri

Lucknow: Government schools will now be equipped with more facilities and opportunities for the students of Uttar Pradesh. As per the National Education Policy, the central government has laid emphasis on adopting a modern education system in schools to strengthen the student base, for which the PM Shri (Prime Minister’s Rising Schools of India) scheme has been launched. The Yogi government has also opened its treasury for this scheme and the bright future of the students. In the recent budget announcements of the state government, a sum of more than a thousand crores has been fixed for this scheme. According to the announcement, 510 crores will be spent on primary education and 500 crores on secondary education with the help of the central government. As per the standards of this scheme, the selected schools will be given the status of Prime Minister Shri and will be equipped with modern facilities. PM Shree School will provide guidance and leadership not only to the students studying in it but also to other schools nearby. On behalf of the state government, 1753 schools have been verified at the district and state level and sent to the central government. After getting approval from the central government, these schools will be used through Prime Minister Shri. It is noteworthy that the central government has decided to upgrade 14500 schools across the country under the scheme of Prime Minister Shri. This was announced by Prime Minister Modi on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Yogi government has provided funds for this in the 2023-24 budget.

Standards of the national education policy will be implemented

According to Director General of School Education Vijay Kiran Anand, the Prime Minister is the plan of the Government of India. The Government of India itself has given the benchmark on which the schools are selected. Two eligible schools were selected from each block and applications were submitted from them. After this, these schools were assessed at the BSA level. Schools in rural areas that scored more than 60 percent passed and those that scored less failed. Similarly, the cutoff in urban areas was 70 percent. Only those schools that scored above this passed. After this, verification of all these schools was done at the state level. In total, the applications of 1753 schools in Uttar Pradesh have been sent to the Government of India. Of them, 89 schools are of secondary level, while the rest of the schools are related to primary education. Now after the verification by the Government of India, the identified schools will get the status of Prime Minister Shri. Under this scheme, these schools will be developed as per the National Education Policy 2020. Since this is a centrally sponsored scheme, an amount of 60 percent will also be received from the central government.

What will be special about PM Shri schools?

  • In these schools, special attention will be paid to the latest technology, smart classes, sports and modern infrastructure.
  • Prime Minister Shri Vidyalaya envisages ensuring availability of good infrastructure and adequate resources to ensure a safe, stimulating educational environment and a differentiated learning experience for all students.
  • Emphasis will be placed on increasing school attendance and encouraging basic literacy and numeracy. Efforts will also be made to reduce school dropouts.
  • These schools will help implement the National Education Policy (NEP) and emerge as best and exemplary schools in their areas.
  • Practical, holistic, integrated, based on real life situations will be taught in these schools.
  • This will be very important for teachers as well. These will have all facilities like smart classroom, library, skill lab, playground, computer lab, science lab etc.

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Why is Prime Minister Shri Yojana important?

  • PM Shree will provide high quality education in an equitable, inclusive and joyful school environment that caters to children’s diverse backgrounds, multilingual needs and different learning abilities, while making them partners in their learning.
  • Schools under Prime Minister Shri will lead by providing mentorship to other schools in their districts.
  • PM Shri’s schools will be developed as green schools, with solar panels and LED lights, food gardens with natural farming, waste management, plastic free, water conservation and harvesting, study of traditions/practices related to environmental protection like favorable aspects of the environment. turned on.
  • The learning material adopted in these schools will be more experiential, holistic, integrated, play/toy-based (especially in the primary years), discovery-oriented, discussion-based, flexible and fun-filled.
  • In each grade, priority will be given to the learning process of each child. Assessment at all levels will be based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge in real life situations and will be competency based.
  • The resources available for each domain and their effectiveness in terms of availability, adequacy, appropriateness and utilization and their key performance indicators will be assessed.
  • Linkages with Sector Skills Councils and local industry will be explored to improve employability and provide better job opportunities.
  • Through this the School Quality Assessment Framework (SQAF) is being developed. Quality assessment of these schools will also be done at regular intervals to ensure standards.

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